Horse owners warned of Atypical Myopathy danger after storms

An article published by 14. september 2017, warns horse owners to take extra precautions against Atypical Myopathy in the wake of storm Aileen:

«The British Veterinary Association (BEVA) is asking owners to be viligant. High winds may cause the seeds to fall earlier than usual this year, and BEVA is advising horse owners to take immediate steps to identify Sycamore trees on or near grazing land and prevent the seeds falling where they are in reach of horses.»

Even fields without Sycamore trees can contain seeds spread by high winds or flooding.

Preventive actions might be:

•Move horses off pasture at risk times, or use temporary fencing to restrict access to sycamore seeds.

•Let the horses have access to clean hay or haylage to minimise the temptation to eat the seeds.

READ FULL ARTICLE –  Horse owners warned of atypical myopathy danger after storms –

Norske_Flagg LES OGSÅ –  Det advares mot ny dødlig hestesykdom –

Clinical Signs Of Atypical Myopathy

These are the clinical signs given by the British Horse Society:

  • Muscular stiffness
  • Reluctance to walk
  • Muscle tremors
  • Sweating
  • Depression and/or the horse looks as if it is sedated
  • High heart rate
  • Dark urine
  • The horse appears weak and may have difficulty standing
  • Breathing difficulties
  • The horse may still want to eat

If horses are affected by Atypical Myopathy, they will have difficulty moving, have severe muscle aches. An early diagnosis is vital as the survival rate is less than 25%. A blood test or urine test will confirm whether the horse has the disease.

Please tell us if there is something in this post that is incorrect.

Atypical Myopathy – British Horse Society
Atypical Myopathy –



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