Stallion De Niro has passed away

The highly successful dressage stallion De Niro has passed away.

De Niro had been suffering from laminitis for a long time, when the Klosterhof team decided it was time to let go. They write on their homepage that they are very sad about the loss of this unique stallion.

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De Niro was both successful in the dressage sport and has written breeding history. De Niro was licensed for Hanover, Oldenburg, Westphalia, Rhineland, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sweden, Denmark and France.

In 2008 De Niro was proclaimed the Stallion Of The Year by the Hanoverian Association. This highly successful sire had 86 sons licensed in Germany alone. Among his 86 approved sons in Germany, includes the Hanoverian stallion Dancier, the Oldenburg champion stallion Don Deluxe and Desperados.

The highlights in his sporting career was many, and Klosterhof highlights the winning of the German Dressage Derby at Hamburg in 2003 with rider Dolf-Dietram Keller.

De Niro was number 1 on the 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 WBFSH dressage stallions rankings, and second in 2014:

Rolex WBFSH Top 10 Dressage Sire Ranking – 2016

1 (1) DE NIRO – 34866
2 (2) GRIBALDI – 22639
3 (4) SANDRO HIT – 21708
4 (8) RUBIN-ROYAL – 19757
5 (3) JAZZ – 16722
6 (5) MICHELLINO – 12161
7 (6) FLORESTAN I – 11742
8 (9) NEGRO – 10512
9 (11) DON SCHUFRO – 10356
10 (10) DIAMOND HIT – 9128

De Niro´s offspring are well known for their great mind and the talent for collection and the higher movements.

The Klosterhof team writes beautifully on their site: «We are grateful to this outstanding stallion and wonderful horse for two decades, where he has represented the Klosterhof Medingen world-wide and will continue to be present for a long time through his offspring.»

De Niro was born in 1993, height 170 cm I 16.3 hh and he was black. Following is his pedigree:

Donnerhall Donnerwetter Disput Diskant
Melli Matador
Ninette P.B.Markus Manolete xx
Negola Carnot
Alicante Akzent II Absatz Abglanz
Wega Waidmannsdank xx
Wiesenelfe Wiesenbaum xx Birkhahn xx
Feldeiche Ferdinand

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